Where crux products are made

“Where is your product made?” is a question that may be asked out of sheer curiosity. But we also understand that it may conceal a political dimension, a doubt about manufacturing quality, and/or a concern about human rights.

Even when this question is taken at face value, the answer is not simple. An AK47 rucksack may be sewn in China, but its fabric – representing 60% of the finished cost value – comes from Spain. As for the Torpedo sleeping bag, the eVent membrane (the most expensive component) is produced in the US, laminated to a Japanese fabric in Osaka, sewn and welded in China, and finally filled with down in Poland.

In truth, none of our crux products can be described as originating from a single source.

Our suppliers

Without our factories and key suppliers, we would not have any products. Even though these are all independent businesses, our mutual success is dependent upon trust, fairness and open communication. There are few things that ODL/crux has any real control over, but we can wholeheartedly vouch for the fairness and integrity of the factories we work with, in terms of how they treat their staff and the working conditions they provide.

Supplier Product Location
Ongpin  AK/RK backpacks  Taiwanese family business, factory in Indonesia
Jasper Outdoor           X1/X2/X3 Tents, B1 bivi-bags HK family business, factory in China
Natural Down  Torpedo s/bag shells and down clothing             Chinese family business, owned and operated
Pajak Torpedo s/bag fill & finish Poland (family business)
Star Arrow AK/RK backpacks HK family business, factory in China