Crux was launched into the UK market in 2002. Our first products were a tent (the X2 storm) and four rucksacks (A35, A50, AK50 and A70). A view of the embryonic brand can be seen from our first catalogue, produced in 2003 (click here for 2003 catalogue pdf).

In 2004 we started selling crux in Europe through two shops. That same year also saw the full launch of our iconic AK range of rucksacks with the introduction of the AK37, AK47 and AK57. These were joined in 2005 by the AK47-X and AK70. The 2005 catalogue pdf gives an idea of what the brand now looked like.

It wasn't until 2007 that crux expanded beyond its single tent model and small range of rucksacks with the launch of its Flak jacket. This, our sixth year of existence, became a pivotal year in the growth of the brand: alongside the Flak jacket came the second generation of AK rucksacks (although many people were hard-pressed to tell the difference between these and the original models), plus chalkbags and the Mag 22 and 28 daypacks. (The 2007 catalogue pdf can be seen here.)

It was in Autumn/Winter 2008/9, however, with the launch of the eVent®-shell Torpedo down sleeping bags and Plasma down jacket, that crux really turned its competitors' heads. These were state-of-the-art products (of which today there are still no real equivalents), being produced by a small, obscure brand that most people had either never or barely heard of. Crux had arrived! (See the 2009 catalogue pdf).

Within the climate of global financial crisis, we proceeded to modestly expand into Japan and Korea, and to consolidate our position in Europe. We continued to develop our range of down clothing with the new ultra-lightweight styles now being manufactured entirely in Europe.

2013 saw the launch of our new single-skin X1 tents (receiving an Industry Innovation Award) and the formation of Crux USA LLC, making the brand available in the US for the first time.

After a long development gestation stretching over 3 years, the third generation of the AK rucksacks finally went into production in 2015. They are joined in 2016 by the all-new AX range of climbing sacks.