The X2 Bomb has the same asymmetric four-pole geodesic configuration as the X2 Storm, but features an extended porch supported by a fifth pole. Like the Storm, it is phenomenally strong and, with its spacious porch, is the perfect tent to sit out the most ferocious storms.

Although a low pack weight is important – and for its size the X2 Bomb is relatively light – our most important design criteria was to ensure strength and durability. To achieve this, the Bomb is made from the strongest fabrics available.

The X2 Bomb’s large porch has two doors, one on each side. The inner tent extends all the way back, making it longer than that of the X2 Storm. All the components – inner, flysheet and poles – of the X2 Storm and X2 Bomb are completely compatible with one another.

Extended, spacious porch with a door on each side
Strong asymmetric design
Internal storage pockets
Sixteen guy points (4 x 3-way attachment and 2 x 2-way)
Two vents in the porch of the flysheet



Technical Specifications

People 2
Total weight 3.40 kg (complete)

72 g/m², 50 denier, high-tenacity nylon 6.6 ripstop
7,000 mm hydrostatic head, double-sided, silicon coating

Groundsheet 92 g/m², 70 denier, ripstop nylon
7,000 mm hydrostatic head, TPU coating
Inner canopy 35 g/m², 30 denier, ripstop, high-tenacity nylon 6.6
Poles 4 x 10.0 mm Ø DAC Featherlite
Guylines 6 x 2.00 mm Dyneema with mini-Linelok adjusters
Pegs 16 x 7001-T6 square-section alloy pegs,12 g each
Packed size

55 cm x 18 cm Ø

Made In China


Green will not be available for 2017.

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Inner length 215 cm
Inner width 120 cm
Inner height 100 cm
Porch 150 cm

Buy Accessories

The following accessories are available for the X2 Bomb:
Footprint & porch groundsheet combination
Replacement poles

Care & Maintenance

Always ensure the tent is completely dry after a trip before packing it away for any length of time. Both flysheets and inners can get stains and mildew if stored in a damp condition – and once these occur, they are almost impossible to remove.

Flysheet cleaning
The best way to clean your X2 Bomb is simply to pitch the tent and wipe down with a cloth using a warm water and detergent mix. Never machine wash.

Groundsheet cleaning
As with the flysheet, wipe down with a cloth using a warm water and detergent mix. Never machine wash – this will cause the PU coating to delaminate.

Over time, the elastic cord inside the poles may lose its stretch. In this case, unscrew the pole foot at one end, untie the elastic and pull it through until there is sufficient tension. Retie it to the pole foot, cut off the excess elastic and screw the pole foot back in. Don't let go of the elastic or you will find yourself re-threading all the sections!

Flysheet seams
Very occasionally, insufficient tension in the stitching may mean that some water can seep through tent seams. The area around the vent panels is the most susceptible to this, for the reason that sewing three panels together is more difficult that sewing a straight seam joining just two panels.
Any such water seepage can be easily rectified by applying seam-sealant.
Before you ask: we can’t tape the seams of our X2 tents because they are silicon-coated on both sides, and tape just doesn’t stick properly.

Product Code: CX-X2B

X2 Bomb

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