MAG 22
£89 / €119 / $129

The MAG 22, and its big brother, the MAG 28, are arguably misfits in the crux product range: after all, they are the only non-mountaineering/climbing products that we do. So why are they here?

To be honest, the MAG 22 was never intended for production. We originally had the design made up so that we could test the reliability of welded seams on TPU nylon. The very first test samples attracted so much interest, however, that we made 100, then another 200 – and before we knew it, without ever intending so, the MAG 22 became an official crux product.

The MAG 22 is a simple, robust daypack that personifies our minimalist philosophy. It has a 270˚ zip to access the main compartment, plus a zipped front pocket. It is fully waterproof apart from the gap between the two sliders on the main zip entrance. A classic.

Not all colours are currently available.


Sky blue


Flat front pocket
Welded, waterproof construction
Padded back
25 mm webbing waist-belt

Technical Specifications

Capacity 22 litres
Weight 740 g
Fabric 420d TPU nylon
Made in China

Spares & Repairs

If you break any buckles, don't panic: we have replacement parts for nearly everything. Click here for Rucksack Spares.

Crux rucksacks don't often need mending, but they are not completely immune to abuse. Should your sack ever need repair, click here for details of our recommended repair agents.


Most of the colours are available most of the time, but we do run out occasionally. If the colour is in the shop listing, then it is either in stock, or in production and due within 4–8 weeks.