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Crux torpedo sleeping bags are warm, waterproof, light and robust. They have been made with the best down fill, waterproof/breathable fabrics and construction techniques available. Although very expensive, their 20–30 year life expectancy (even with heavy use) means they are the best investment you could ever make in an outdoor product.

There are currently four fill-weights available, each with a number of length and zip options. Each bag can have its performance boosted for use in colder conditions by the addition of a liner bag from our radioactive range (which can also be used on their own as super-lightweight bags).


Torpedo 350

4 / 0°C

Torpedo 500

0 / -5°C

Torpedo 700

-4 / -10°C

Torpedo 900

-8 / -18°C



Simple ultralight down liner bag


Lightweight down liner bag with hood


Down liner bag with armholes